Oze National Park
Oze National Park
Oze National Park

Oze National Park

Oze National Park is Japanese Most Extensive mountain wetlands, carpeted in Flowers, encircled by famous peaks, excellent hiking destination in the mountains a bit north from Tokyo.
Its most well known features are the Ozegahara Marshland and the Ozenuma Pond, surrounded by the mountains Komagatake, Mount Taishaku, and Hiuchigatake (the highest mountain in northwestern Japan).
Oze is very popular during skunk cabbages blooming season in the late spring and early summer and during the fall colors in early autumn, whereas in the winter it is covered in deep snow and is rarely visited.

Hinoemata Village is the entrance to hike in Oze, the most sparsely populated village in Japan.
But there are lots of special things to see and feel, Onesn (Hot springs), Kabuki and Specialty Foods (Yamodo Ryori).

Oze Mountain Guides provide the hiking trip to get in to Oze deeper and feel the culture of the people who lived in deeper mountain "Hinoemata Village".

Guide Plan

We organize 2 Days trip to explore Oze and Hinoemata village,
to have nice "Yamodo" foods & relax in the "Onsen"

2 Days Trip Schedule

Depart from Asakusa station at 9:00

Tobu line Liverty 111

Arrive at Aizukogen Oze-guchi station at 12:05
*Meet Guide at 12:30 (after lunch)

Drive with your Guide

Get to your Hotel in Hinoemata Village around at 14:00
Walk in the historical Hinoemata village with Guide

Start driving with your Guide at 8:00
Get to Oze Miike and ride the shuttle bus to Trailhead at 8:40
Arrive at Numayamatoge Trailhead (start hiking) at 9:20

Hike in the Oze National Park

Get to Oze Miike Trailhead (end of hiking) at 14:20

Aizu Bus (local bus)

Arrive at Aizukogen Oze-guchi station at 16:20
Depart at the station at 17:07

Yagan & Tobu line

Arrive at Asakusa station at 20:05


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